Please, Abraham. I am not that man.

"Did she [Isla Fisher] play any pranks on you?" [x]

"I think the most important thing for an actor is reading the script and trying to figure out if you can play that character well. The last thing on my mind is if the director made good movies previously. It’s not my job to know if that director’s last movie was any good - it’s my job to know if I can play the role." - Jesse Eisenberg on which director he wants to work with (x)

"I Googled myself once when I was 19 after doing my first movie. I was so excited. It was a small, independent, New York movie called “Roger Dodger”, and I didn’t think anyone would criticize it. Who would have a bad thing to say about that kind of film? But somebody wrote the meanest thing I’ve ever read. I closed the computer, and never Googled myself again." - Jesse Eisenberg on fame and Internet (x)

 ashleywroten asked: "I love your blog so much! you are perfect."

Aaahhh thank you so much! Don’t know what else to say soooo here, have some Jesse gifs (:




Jesse Eisenberg visits New.Music.Live. in Toronto | May 29, 2013

Now You See Me in theaters this Friday, and listen, here in Austin—you know, Jesse—it gets hot here, so the movies is where it will be this summer! Thanks Jesse, appreciate it. (x)

Interviewer: Read off some of the celebrity names that you have in your phone that we would know.

On the filming of Now You See Me: “Did someone teach you magic along the way?” (x)